Rance has pushed me out of my boundaries as an artist and businessman and helped me understand what it takes to really make it in the entertainment industry. I am a better artist and human being because of Rance.

Dylan Adams

Rance has been my mentor as I apply to colleges. All of my audition pieces are solid, and I got called back to every school I applied for! I know I wouldn't have been able to get as far as I did without him. I am beyond grateful that I can say Rance is part of my team.

Kennedy Johnson

Rance Wright gave my daughter Madison the confidence and skills that made her feel comfortable walking into an audition at the age of seven! Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. Rance and his Master Classes will prepare you for that possibility.  

Carmen Smith

Rance's ability to teach and train the whole performer is magical. He genuinely cares about his clients and puts his whole heart into the work. As he worked with my daughter I saw a transformation in performances and also in the way she viewed herself as a person. Rance is incredible!

Kerilyn Johnson

Not only is Rance incredibly knowledgeable, but he is sweet, open and caring. He sets the tone for ultimate trust, which allowed me to give my all during our sessions. I truly feel I am a better performer and a better person from working with him.

Amanda Kraft

Rance coached my daughter, Jessica, and gave her insight into what was most important to casting directors. Rance showed Jess how to bring herself to her performance, and helped to shape Jessica’s path as an artist, as a performer, and in life. Rance has become more than a coach in our lives, he has become a friend. He is a bright light and passionate ball of energy that puts his heart into everything he does.

Cheryl Ruettiger (mother of Jessica Ruettiger)
After my first in-person voice lesson with Rance, I saw a difference in my range and vocal quality. I'll be Broadway bound in no time!

Audra Bronson

As an actor, finding and delivering the emotion in the text is the most important part of being a storyteller. Rance is so dedicated to helping and guiding his students to find that emotion by reading between the lines. After working with Rance, I had the confidence as an actor to book work on HBO, Lifetime Movie Network and off-Broadway, and learned valuable lessons in making choices as an actor.

Paul Miller
Rance is the kind of instructor who immediately puts his students at ease with his contagious enthusiasm. His many years of experience shine through in wise instruction and the ways he challenges his students to grow beyond what they already are.

Mark Schnoebelen
Rance is an excellent acting teacher, but more importantly, he is a life coach. His coaching is well known throughout the country and he is wonderful at networking. I thank him for being a positive influence in my life!

Marisa Miranda
When I think of people that have helped shape me as a performer, I think of my time learning from Rance. He helped me find a firm grasp on what I want out of this industry and I am grateful to call him a friend, a mentor, and a lifelong teacher.

Ellie Smith
I hear the change in my daughter Audra. She practices singing every day and never needs to be reminded or asked. Her passion drives her. She really loves Rance and has connected with him. I am full of gratitude and very happy with the progress.

Kimberly Bronson
Owner of Elite Talent and Modeling Agency
Rance opened up new possibilities and learning I didn't originally see as options. He stretches you to become your best self and to strive for personal excellence. I appreciate him sharing his passion and knowledge. Partnering with Rance is an investment in your future.

Kim Johnson
Rance is one of the best audition coaches I've ever worked with! His love and enthusiasm for the arts make coaching a blast! Look no further—any working or aspiring musical theater performer will want to have Rance in his or her back pocket!

Cari McHugh
Rance Wright gave me the secrets to auditioning and the art of performance straight from the mouth of casting professionals. He designed my journey based on my type, my strengths, and my talents. He taught me the importance of showing my “truth” when I perform. Most important, he taught me how to love myself which comes before anything else. I owe so much of my career as a performer to him.

Jenn De La Torre
Production Vocalist Princess Cruises
After taking a 15 year break from singing, I thought my voice would never have the range it once had. Boy, was I wrong! In less than two months with Rance, my range has expanded over an octave. Rance has performed miracles with my voice!

Iuliana Schraut
Rance Wright has an uncanny talent for audition coaching. He is a compassionate, relatable, grounding, often hilarious presence who creates an environment of pure creative energy in the coaching room. As a student of his for many years, I feel I can walk into any audition room and not only present well-prepared pieces, but also approach those behind the table as human beings who are rooting for me. He is also extremely well-connected within the industry, and he can help you further your career with the many agents, managers, casting directors, and performing artists he knows. He has dedicated his life to and been immersed in this industry for over twenty years, and it shows.

Amilia Shaw
Rance has been an absolute joy to work with! You can tell he truly cares about his students—he wants them to be as successful as they can be and truly loves them! I would highly recommend Rance!

Erin Krom
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