Rance Wright is an excellent resource for individuals looking to have a successful career in the performing arts, and offers a variety of coaching opportunities and workshops to aid you on your journey to stardom. Coaching and preparation can be done in person, over Zoom, or FaceTime.
Students Rance has personally coached who are working on Broadway, national tours, off-Broadway, TV, film, cruise lines, etc.: Cody Braverman (Leopoldstadt on Broadway *Tony Nominated), Colby Kipnes (GreyHouse on Broadway), Ben Laxton (Book of Mormon on Broadway), Maggie McDowell (Kinky Boots on Broadway), Susie Carroll (The Prom on Broadway), Sofie Poliakoff (Parade at City Center, NY w/ Ben Platt), Ethan Joseph (MJ, Natl. Tour), Saheli Kahn (Frozen, Natl. Tour), Jackson Greenspan (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Natl. Tour), Ellie Pulsifer (Annie in Annie, Natl. Tour), Kevin Wang (Mean Girls, Natl. Tour), Jaxon James (Elf, A Christmas Story, Natl. Tours), Natalia Jiminez (A Christmas Story, Natl. Tour), Adriella Goncalves (Anastasia, Natl. Tour), Bailee Bonick (CAMP,  The Movie w/ Ben Platt), Honor Blue Savage (The Goodbye Girl, Off-Broadway) Tara Rajan (The Goodbye Girl, Off-Broadway), Jordan Greenberg (AVMUCSP, Off-Broadway), Sadler Selby (AVMUCSP, Off-Broadway), Lauren Turner (Royal Caribbean Lead Singer), Amilia Shaw (AIDA Lead Singer), and many more.

Audition Prep

Through private coaching offered by Rance Wright, you will be prepared to book auditions from Broadway and National Tours, to Cruise Lines, television and film. Rance has worked alongside casting directors, agents, directors, music directors and choreographers. His knowledge of audition preparation and awareness of audition requirements far exceeds that of his competitors.

Acting for Film and Stage

Having been trained in Meisner, Stanislavsky, Strasburg, Hagen and adler techniques, Rance Wright can take the beginner actor, as well as the most advanced actor and elevate their performance with a very clear and defined progressive learning. Proficiency in these techniques, provides a holistic approach to teaching, giving the student a comprehensive learning experience.

Voice Coaching

Rance Wright recommends weekly coaching sessions in order to successfully further one´s vocal technique. After all, the voice is not mastered in one session; itś mastered through continued learning. Using vocal pedagogy training, Rance Wright will be able to give you all the necessary tools to master your technique and your ability to perform at an exemplary level.

College Audition Preparation

Rance Wright has assisted in placing over 200 high school students into major university programs across the United States to pursue careers in music, performance, acting, musical theater and vocal performance. College audition preparation is a commitment of at least 6 months , continuing up to one year, with required weekly sessions.

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